My Problem with the Plus Size Movement: The 67%

beauty, plus size fashion, Plus Size fashion, body positive, 67%

You know what I hate the most about the plus size movement? I hate how the plus size models that are supposed to be representing the 67% of women in this nation still don’t have bodies that are very relatable. Most of the time, us plus sized gals are even lucky if a brand chooses to produce plus size clothing. But, seeing models with huge boobs, huge butts, hourglass figures, no double chins, and flat tummies isn’t really what all 67% of us look like. Now, I’m saying that these women aren’t beautiful, because Ashley Graham is totally my WCW.

beauty, plus size fashion, Plus Size fashion, body positive, 67%

What I am saying that even though brands are starting to cater to plus size women, we still aren’t being properly represented in the media. I would love to see a brand that’s audacious enough to show apple and pear figures. Show us some women rocking distressed skinny jeans and a muffin top. Show us some plus sized beauties slaying in lingering with smaller boobs and smaller butts. Show us your chokers and your necklaces and your turtlenecks with women who have double chins. This is what I want to see on my TV, instead of another Victoria’s Secret or Gucci commercial. Show me relatable women. Show me the 67%

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