Plus Size Dreams- Black and Gold New Year’s Party Glam

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Looking for a plus size outfit for your New Year’s Eve party? You’ve come to the right place! This outfit is going to flaunt all of your gorgeous curves!

I am just so in love with the skirt. It’s the perfect length and totally has the ability to show off your gorgeous body!

I also think that this outfit could be worn for homecoming, prom, or any special occasion you have. I also think that the crop top makes it just the right amount of sexy, without being too revealing. If you’re not comfortable with showing off your body, you can always tuck in a black long-sleeve into the skirt!


There are a few pieces in this outfit that range about a college student’s budget. I always find that Forever 21 is a great place to find outfit substitutions. They are relativity inexpensive, especially for us plus-size gals. plus size, plus size outfits, new years, party, celebration, glam

Where to find







Ring set



What do you think about this outfit? Do you see yourself wearing it for your next party? I totally could see myself rocking this. I know that some of the pieces in this outfit are a bit pricey, but you can always substitute for cheaper options!

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