Plus Size Dreams- Affordable Fall Casual

plus size, plus-size, fall, outfit, street style, curvy

There are two things I love about fall: plus-sized outfits and cranberry sauce. You were expecting for me to say pumpkin, right?

Ha. Gotcha.

The one thing that I don’t like about fall is how freaking crazy the weather is! In the mornings, I’m ready to dress up in my Eskimo suit. By mid-day, I’m ready to go throw on my bathing suit and jump into the nearest body of water.

My feet are always the first things to overheat. Weird? I know. I like to keep my feet semi-exposed if I know the weather is going to be tricky that day.

That’s why I knew that this outfit would be perfect for a temperamental fall day! The blouse and sandals offer exposure to the air, while the jeans will keep me warm in the morning!

Plus, I totally love boho jewelry. I will find every excuse I can to throw on a few boho pieces.


plus size, plus-size, fall, outfit, street style, curvy





Cuff bracelet





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