9 Things Every Girl Should Have In Her Purse

Purse, Beauty, fashion, beauty hacks, Curvyhipsandtintedlips

Purse, Beauty, fashion, beauty hacks, Curvyhipsandtintedlips

Besides your I.D. and your wallet, what else could a girl need to carry around in her purse? I always pack like I’m getting ready to go on a long adventure, even if I’m just venturing out of the house for five minutes. Your purse is something that you probably carry around everyday, no matter where you are going. But, what should you be carrying in your purse? Are you missing out on some big girl secret? Keep on reading to find out!

Makeup bag

It’s always a good thing to have a small compact mirror, powder, a lip stick, and mascara in your makeup bag. You never know what the day will bring on! Whether it be an unexpected crying fit, a delicious piece of pizza that you just couldn’t resist, a hot and humid afternoon, or you just want to freshen up.

Panty Liners

You never know when mother nature is going to sneak up on you and start your cycle early, or you just have some spotting. Always make sure  that you’re ready and prepared with some panty liners to get you through the day. You can even throw in a tampon or two to make sure that you’re well stocked!


Cramps, a headache, a twisted ankle, back pain- whatever it may be, you never know when it’s going to strike. Make sure you have a solution to fight away that pain!

A snack

Forget to eat breakfast? Waiting in traffic longer than you expected? Got sidetracked at the store? Hungry after your workout? A healthy and portable snack is always a smart thing to pack in your purse. I always make sure that my bag has at least two granola bars AND a full water bottle whenever I go out.

A portable charger

I go through my phone battery like it’s going out of style. I’m always in the need for a quick charge- but when I’m on the road, I don’t have access to a plug-in charger. That’s why I purchased a portable charger- it’s lightweight and I can take it anywhere I go.

Pepper spray

If you happen to be leaving work when it’s dark, you walk around by yourself, or just want the security of knowing that you have a weapon, pepper spray is a safe and effective tool that you can use to protect yourself against anybody that may attack you.

Hair supplies

Windy days are never good hair days. You can’t stop the wind, but you can fix your hair if you keep a small bag of hair supplies in your purse! A mini hairbrush, a mini can of hairspray, bobby pins, and a few hair ties. It’s like a whole portable salon, right there whenever you need it!


You know, for when you have a cold, cry, or just want to blot some of the extra grease off of your face!

Hand sanitizer

The world is a dirty place. Protect yourself against all bacteria by carting around (and using) portable hand sanizitier!


What do you like to carry around in your purse?


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