Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice Palette Mini Review

Chocolate Vice, Makeup Revolution, Makeup, beauty

Makeup Revolution Chocolate Vice Palette Mini Review


Sh. Just take a moment and enjoy this gorgeous palette. Don’t talk, just look.
Okay, now that we’ve had a second to take in all of the beauty that this palette has to offer, let’s talk about why I’m in love with it. Here’s what you need to know:
– Makeup Revolution makes this palette (MUR)
– It’s $15
– It’s available online and in store at Ulta.

Chocolate Vice, Makeup Revolution, Makeup, beauty
If you’re going to purchase this palette, I would suggest that you do it online. Ulta is always having a sale that allows you to buy two palettes from MUR and get one free. Love it! I own the Death by Chocolate palette and the Chocolate Vice palette. I love the Chocolate Vice palette way more than the Death By Chocolate palette because of the warm tones that are offered in this palette. If you’ve ever used a MUR eyeshadow palette, you know that the colors are super easy to blend, they have amazing pigmentation, there isn’t a lot of fall out, and they’re amazing quality, especially for the price.

Chocolate Vice, Makeup Revolution, eyeshadow

For the Chocolate Vice palette, I loving using some of the shimmer shades as a highlighter. In the top left corner, there’s a white that has gold undertones that I’m currently obsessed with. I have four complaints with this palette:
– I had higher expectations for my brush. The brush that came with this was a sponge applicator. I ended up just throwing it away because it didn’t do the pigmentation of the eyeshadows any justice
– The palette is hard to open; I ended up breaking a nail trying to open it
–  I personally wish the black that had come with the palette was black, instead of shimmer. – There was a plastic card that came with the palette, that had all of the names of the shades on it. It was supposed to lay on top of the shadows. Every time I opened the palette, that would fall out. I ended up just throwing it away. What do you think about the Chocolate Vice palette? XOXO

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