How to be Body Positive: Tips for Confidence

self love, positive, self confidence, happy, confidence, body positive, body positivity, bullying

self love, positive, self confidence, happy, confidence, body positive, body positivity, bullying

Being positive about your body isn’t easy, especially if you don’t remember what it’s like to feel comfortable in your own skin. It doesn’t matter if you’re thick or thin- it’s incredibly important that you learn how to love your body. If you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Below, you will find some tips on how to be body positive!

Look at yourself naked

First thing in the morning, when you wake up, take some time to look at yourself naked. Instead of thinking about all of the things that you hate about your body, make a mental list of all of the things you love. Have thunder thighs? Get it, girl! Have a cute little butt? You can still shake what your mama gave ya!

Delete negativity from your life

Do you have a friend who seems to point out your imperfections too often? Negative people encourage negative mindsets. Unfollow, unfriend, block, and remove all of those toxic people from your life! You have ZERO room in your life for negativity. Don’t put up with it any longer. You deserve to think better about yourself.

Post positive quotes on your phone

Whenever I’m feeling down, a Pinterest worthy body-po quote often helps to keep me back up on my feet. Why? For some reason, the quotes always seem to help remind me that I’m human, especially when I’ve placed incredible amounts of stress on myself. Your body is a force of nature and only YOU should decide how it should be.

Compliment others

Women need to stick together (insert clapping emoji here). Like a girl’s hairstyle, dress, or her lack of makeup? Compliment her! You’re helping to bring another woman’s self-esteem up, which should help to boost yours a little bit too. By complimenting other women, you’re allowing your attention to focus more on positivity rather than negativity.

Use social media

Use social media to spread a message. If you’re feeling extra hot today, try posting a selfie! There are tons of positive people in this world; you just have to find them.There are also tons of people in this world who love some good old fashion body positivity.
All of the compliments that you receive on social media can play a big boost in your self-confidence. Try it out and see if it works for you.


When I’m in a bad mood about my body, I love to crank Beyonce up on Youtube and dance around in the kitchen. It helps to remind me that my body is incredible and that I deserve love. Plus, it serves as great exercise!


What do you do when you’re feeling down about your body? I’d love to hear, so leave your comment down below!




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