Makeup Revolution Death by Chocolate Palette Mini Review

Death by Chocolate, Makeup Revolution, makeup revolution, makeup, beauty, review

Today, we’re going to talk about the Death by Chocolate palette made by Makeup Revolution. This beauty will cost you $15 at Ulta (online and in store). I love using this palette on clients that have darker skin tones, because the cool toned metallics really stand out. I’m not saying that this palette is only for dark skin beauties, it also really works well with lighter skin tones! It’s honestly just a personal preference.

Death by Chocolate, Makeup Revolution, makeup revolution, makeup, beauty, review

The Death by Chocolate palette is a mix of matte and shimmer shades and it comes with a sponge eyeshadow brush. I really dislike using that brush with this palette, because it doesn’t show off the pigmentation that eyeshadows really have. I ended up just throwing away the applicator. The only couple of complaints that I have about this palette is that if you really load your brush up with the metallic shades, there’s some fallout. Also,
– I had higher expectations for my brush. The brush that came with this was a sponge applicator. I ended up just throwing it away because it didn’t do the pigmentation of the eyeshadows any justice
– The palette is hard to open; I ended up breaking a nail trying to open it
– There was a plastic card that came with the palette, that had all of the names of the shades on it. It was supposed to lay on top of the shadows. Every time I opened the palette, that would fall out. I ended up just throwing it away.  But, for $15, the eyeshadows pack one heck of a punch!

Death by Chocolate, makeup, Makeup Revolution, beauty, beauty review, makeup review

They have amazing pigmentation and stay on my lids all night, without having to use any primer. What do you think about this palette? Have you ever used it before?

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