Crop top and Ripped Jeans Party Outfit- Straight Size Edition

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I love being plus-sized, but I do remember the days when I was straight size. Straight size is just a fancy term for being ‘average’, but as a blogger who supports body-positivity, I think all bodies are ‘average’ and normal.

This outfit is definitely on the pricier side, but that’s okay, right? I post these pictures in order to inspire you; everything you see is just a suggestion. You can always sub in parts of this outfit that would make it more customizable to your personality and your comfort zone. All I want to do is encourage you to be adventurous and feel comfortable in your own body.

I think this outfit is great for a party or for those super hot summer days where you just want to stay in, but you have things to do. It’s sexy and a bit ‘show-offy’ but I still think it’s appropriate to wear out in public. I think this outfit would also make a great night-time look, especially if you do a sultry smokey eye with it!


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