A Lesson For Anyone Who Spends Time on Social Media: A Message of Body Positvity

Body Positive, makeup, beauty, fashion, plus size fashion, makeup, clothing

Here is a lesson to everyone who spends time on social media and looks down upon their bodies: Here are two pictures of me: which one is the real me? I’ll let you take a guess.


Body Positive, makeup, beauty, fashion, plus size fashion, makeup, clothing

The Alizabeth on the left is real, no photoshop. This picture has no editing done on it whatsoever, not even any color enhancement. This Alizabeth has a belly, a double chin, yellow teeth, and many other imperfections. Regardless of those imperfections, I am still incredibly beautiful and 100% real.

On the right, this is me that has had photoshopping done by someone who has very minimal photoshopping skills (me). My waist is curvier, my chin is smaller, fat rolls smoothed, no pimples, no imperfections, white teeth, smaller belly, thinner thighs, thinner shins, and thinner arms.

What’s today’s lesson? Don’t believe everything you seen online. The Alizabeth on the right is thinner and is probably more socially acceptable, because she is thinner and has no imperfections. But, does that honestly matter?

I don’t care if my body is politically correct. I desire to take up space in this world and that’s exactly what I’m doing. If you don’t like my body, that’s your problem and not mine. But, I refuse to nip, tuck, pinch, pull, or edit ANY part of my body to make anyone else happy.

So, stop comparing yourself to other people you see online. Not everything you see is real! .

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