The Best and Worst of Too Faced Cosmetics

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Too Faced Cosmetics is a brand that’s almost as controversial as Kylie Cosmetics. From the hate that Too Faced left Tarte Cosmetics, to them underpaying NikkieTutorials, to the #TooFacedisOver party, there are a lot of people who are either hardcore Too Faced supporters or people who refuse to walk 100 feet within their products.



Me personally? I’m not a huge fan of Too Faced Cosmetics. I feel like a lot of their products are either hit or miss. I also feel like a lot of beauty bloggers and vloggers overhype their products. I think that there are so many other brands out there that deserve more credit than Too Faced, but Instagram beauty certainly did hype up this beauty brand.


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Better than Sex Mascara

The Too Faced Better than Sex mascara is THE most hyped product that Too Faced produces. I remember wanting to try this mascara for a solid two years and I finally was crazy enough to buy the $12 travel version. I tried it out on my YouTube channel and, well, . . . . . . .
I was incredibly underwhelmed. You can check out my full review + demo of the mascara here.
So many people talked about how much they love this mascara, how it gave their lashes incredible length AND volume. It literally did nothing for my lashes and I regretted buying it. I thought that there are SOO many better mascaras at the drugstore (anything from Maybelline) and this mascara honestly isn’t worth the $12.

Sweet Peach Palette

 Literally, the whole Sweet Peach palette blew up the internet and took Instagram by storm. There were so many beauty gurus doing gorgeous looks with the Sweet Peach palette and talking about how much they loved the scent of the Sweet Peach.
Well, let me tell you what.
Originally, when I opened the palette up, it did smell like peaches! However, after the first opening, it didn’t smell anything like peaches. To me, it smelled like baby powder.

Over time, I feel like the eyeshadows have dried out, because they’ve become really splotchy when I apply them. My favorite shade back then and now is Bellini. It’s so gorgeous! That shade is pretty much the only reason why I open up this palette anyone.

I used to play with this palette all the time, but ever since the color payoff started going down hill, it’s just been sitting at the bottom of my drawer. #disappointment

Too Faced
Totally not worth the hype.

Born This Way Foundation

I tried giving this foundation a chance when I went into store to swatch it, because I was thinking about buying it. First of all, they don’t have a huge color selection, especially for darker skin tones. There’s a whole lot of selection for light skin tones, but all of their foundations are super duper heavy with yellow. I want a foundation that’s going to match my skin tone, not make me look like a walking yellow crayon.

Sweet Peach Lip Gloss

All I’ve really got to say about the Sweet Peach lipgloss is that if you’ve ever used a cheap lip gloss, you know what the Too Faced Sweet Peach one feels like. It’s hella sticky, and not in the good way. It also didn’t stay on my lips very long (like I took a sip of water and it was gone). I don’t know if it was supposed to taste like peach, but it didn’t.

Love Light Highlighter

Throughout my time as a makeup artist, I’ve learned one very important thing: not all highlighters are creawted equally. Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it’s any good. While I think the packaging of this highlighter is STUNNING, it still doesn’t outshine my Elf Baked highlighter in Moonlight Pearl that’s only $3.

Natural Matte Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

This is Too Faced’s best eyeshadow palette. It has amazing color payoff for all the shades in it, but I think that since there aren’t a whole lot of shades, $36 is expensive. The pigments are blendable and very easy to work with. I haven’t had any problems with them losing pigmentation and I’ve actually dropped this palette a few times and none of the shadows are broken.

La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream

For $22, you could buy a whole bunch of lipsticks from the drugstore from Wet’n’Wild and be better off than using the Too Faced La Creme lipsticks. The color payoff for thse are okay but they’re not magnificent. If I’m paying $22 for a lipstick, it better have more color payoff than Donald Trump’s selt tanner, stay on my lips through every meal, and not break easily. Literally, this lipstick did not win in any of those categories.

Better Than Sex Waterproof

I have the same thing to say about this mascara as I do for the non-waterpoof one. The only other comment that I would like to add about this mascara is that it does a decent job of staying water proof. I didn’t have leaky lashes when I watched Marley and Me.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Eyeshadow Palette

I also really like this palette, although I don’t get much of a scent from it. My favorite shades are all the metallic ones, because they have the most color pay off out of the whole palette. This isn’t a good palette to buy if you’re looking for something that you can use for everyday looks, but if you want to spoil yourself a little bit, I would suggest it. I really love the purple shades.

White Chocolate Chip Palette


First of all, if you’ve never been inside a Sephora or Ulta, I just want to talk about how much this palette is falsley advertised. This palette is TINY. It’s a travel size palette, so it’s literally the size of an iPhone 5s. It’s super tuny and I think $26 for something so small is OUTRAGEOUS! I want to know why Too Faced thouhht making a palette this small would be a good idea? Why not make it in a larger size?
This would be an okay palette to purchase if you’re on the road a lot and need to do your makeup quickly, as the shades in here are great to do every day makeup looks with. The pigmentation is okay, it’s not their best, so I wouldn’t really suggest this palette.







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