B Beauty Limited Face Mask Review


Hey there, my Queens! I hope you all are having a lovely day and I hope you have found something to make you smile today.

So, today, I’m going to be talking about my experience with B Beauty Limited and their face masks!

The mask that I ended up trying out was this one:


You can go purchase by clicking here.

Here is my Youtube video review! But, if you don’t like watching videos, keep on reading to find out what I personally think about the mask that I tried out.


So, I have NEVER used a face mask before. Crazy, right?!! I know! However, this morning, I stepped out of my face-mask-virginity zone and decided to try it out. B Beauty Limited  was kind enough to send me three face masks for free in exchange for my review, but I am not getting paid to say any of this! I just want to spread the love of small businesses with you guys.



After reading the directions, I opened up the package and just by my luck, some of the liquid stuff splashed into my face. Whoopsies! I had already washed my face before applying the mask (just to give you a heads up). I began to pull the mask out of the bag and I could tell by the weight of the mask alone that it as very saturated! That made me happy, because I most definitely don’t want a dry mask laying on my face. I peeled the mask apart ( I was afraid of ripping it, even though it was super sturdy) and applied to my face.

It smells so, so, so incredibly good! It reminds me of a summer perfume, but it is most definitely not overpowering.

After I waited half an hour, I took the mask off. At first, I didn’t see much of a difference at all. However, a few hours later, I’m so super impressed! My forehead and cheeks are most definitely brighter looking. I had trouble with the mask fitting my face and staying on, but I expected that.

Overall, I would give this mask a 4/5! I’m very happy and I can’t wait to order some more masks!

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