Life Update on my Battle with Anorexia – Story about My Battle AGAINST My Eating Disorder

Anorexia, eating disorder, life update

I am using my life to represent plus sized women until we are no longer treated like we’re freaks or that we’re something that needs to be fixed. I am a plus sized woman and you can bet your last penny that I’m DAMN proud of my body. I’m proud that I’ve overcome an eating disorder 💪🏻, I’m proud I can now go out and eat in public without feeling like everyone in the world is staring at me, I’m proud that I can wear whatever I want and not care about anybody’s opinion!


Anorexia, eating disorder, life update

And while I may be plus sized, I’m also using my life to represent every woman, man, girl, boy out there who struggles with their body image. I may be a woman, but I believe that we ALL deserve to love ourselves, no matter gender, race, financial background, sexuality, or lifestyle choices. If we all learned to love ourselves a little bit more, this world would be a better place.

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