A Positive Mantra To Follow Along During Finals Season

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A Positive Mantra To Follow Along During Finals Season



Hey, babe! I hope you’re having a great day. If it’s your birthday, happy birthday! I hope you’re taking care of yourself during this stressful time of year. I’ve created a small list of important things to remember during exam, final, and test season. I want you to take time to read it and realize that everything that I’ve put in this list DOES apply to you.

– Don’t put yourself down if someone gets a better grade than you
– Don’t put yourself down if you don’t get the grade you’re aiming for
– Be proud of what you accomplish instead of being angry at what you do not
– The grade you get do not define who you are
– Give yourself breaks, babe! Step away from your desk, get a granola bar, go outside for a walk, or lay down for a little while. Don’t overwork yourself.

Yes, grades are important. I want you all to be doing well in school and aiming for your goals. However, your grades are not more important than your mental health. Make sure to drink plenty of water today and remember to eat. Good luck acing your exams and I know you’re going to do amazing. XOXO

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