New Spring 2017 Releases at Sephora : My Wishlist

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New Spring 2017 Releases at Sephora: My Wishlist

Sephora is every makeup junkie’s Heaven. Sadly, not makeup junkies have enough money to go buy all of their new releases when they come out. And that’s okay! There are a couple products in this list that I seriously have been crushing on for a while (the sets) but just haven’t had the chance to grab them up!


I’ve created this wishlist because these are all of the new products that Sephora has released this Spring and these are all of the ones that I’m actually interested in.



What do you think of some of these products? Have you tried any of them? I would love to hear your thoughts if you have tried any products!






**** This post is NOT sponsored by any brand. All links that I provide in this post are 100% free for you to use, but I will make a small portion of income off any purchase you decide to make.

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