10 Boss Babe Tips from a Black Owned Business

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Do you love supporting small busineeses owned by inspirational black women? Holomoon Cosmetics is a shop you should most definitly check out. It’s that time of the week again where we’re displaying tips from influencial boss babes!

Q- What’s one piece of advice you want to give to all women you meet?

A- That you will have time where you feel like nothing is going right in it but you will always make it out no matter how bad it seems. Never give up.

Q- Lipgloss,lipstick, stain, or liner?

A- Lipgloss

Q- What’s been your inspiration to starting your own business?

A- Everyone making brands around me were doing all the of the same themes and colors and I had the idea for element palettes. Nobody had done them and I was just like I can do this and I did and I was a success.

Q- How do you feel like you’re impacting the world?

A- I feel like I’m impacting the world by bringing awareness to black owned businesses. There are so many of us and most of us get over looked.

Q- What’s been your biggest fear?

A- My biggest fear has been not being able to satisfy everyone, even though that’s really not possible.

Q- What’s been your biggest failure/success?

A-Holo has been my biggest success in my entire life.

Q- Favorite brand name product?

A- The Gleam glow kit by ABH

Q- Favorite drug store product?

A-My lash discovery mini brush mascara by Maybelline

Q- What piece of advice you want to give to all black women?


My advice to black women is that we are more than our looks and skin tone. We have so much potential and we need to support each other instead of tearing each other down.

Q- What piece of advice to you want to give to all women looking to start their own business?

A- To not be afraid of the haters and naysayers. Not everybody is going to like what you do but it’s best to stay yourself. That it takes time, effort and money to start a business. Nothing about it is free.


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